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Aperture selection

Aperture is a relatively simple parameter, mainly according to the requirements of equipment selection, but in order to maintain the stability of the saw blade, 250MM above the best use of large aperture equipment. At present, the design of the standard parts of the aperture, 120MM and the following diameter of more than 20MM holes, 120-230mm more than a. 4MM hole, more than 250 of the 30 aperture, some imported equipment is also available. 875MM hole, multiple saw mechanical aperture is relatively complex, with more keyway to ensure stability. No matter the size of the aperture, can be modified by lathe or wire cutting machine, lathe can be a car cushion trap in the large aperture, wire cutting machine can expand the hole for the equipment required.

Alloy knife head type, matrix material, diameter, tooth number, thickness, tooth shape, angle, aperture and so on a series of parameters combined into a hard alloy saw blade of the whole, should be reasonable choice and collocation to better play its advantages.

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