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Choice of sawtooth Angle

The angle parameter of the sawtooth part is more complex and professional, and the correct choice of the angle parameter of the saw blade is the key to the cutting quality. The main angle parameter is the front angle, the back angle, the wedge angle.

The front corner mainly affects the force consumed by sawdust. The bigger the front corner, the better the cutting sharpness, the lighter the sawing, the more labor-saving. Generally processed materials are soft materials, select a larger front corner, and vice versa.

The angle of the sawtooth is the position of the sawtooth at the time of cutting. The angle of the sawtooth affects the performance of the cutting. The biggest impact on cutting is the front horn Gamma, the back angle α, and the wedge angle β. The front corner gamma is the cut angle of the sawtooth, the larger the front corner is the lighter the cutting, the front angle is generally between 10-15 ℃. The rear corner is the angle between the sawtooth and the machined surface, its effect is to prevent the sawtooth and the machined surface friction, the larger the rear angle, the smaller the friction, the more clean the products. The posterior angle of cemented carbide saw blade is generally 15 ℃. The wedge angle is derived from the front and rear corners. But the wedge angle cannot be too small, it plays the role of maintaining the strength, heat dissipation and durability of the teeth. The sum of the anterior horn γ, the posterior horn α, and the wedge angle β are equal to 90 ℃.

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