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Correct selection of cutting discs

The high-speed abrasive cutting wheel (hereinafter referred to as the cutting discs) is widely used in many industries because of its high performance, convenience, economy and other unique properties. However, many people have neglected to make reasonable choices of cut pieces according to the occasions they use. 

It is selected according to the occasion in which the dicing sheet is used. The cutting discs can be divided into cutting and grinding according to the way of use. Most of the cutting machines are fixed mobile, and the power of the machine is divided into high power (>5.5KW) and low power (<3KW). Cutting speeds are also available in high speed cutting (>80m/s) and normal cutting. In addition, the materials to be cut during cutting are various, such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, ordinary steel, viscous metal, high carbon steel, non-metal, and the like. 

The performance requirements of the cutting discs are different for different occasions, so it is important to choose a reasonable cutting disc. We need to choose the cutting discs according to the occasion we use, which can increase the safety factor, improve work efficiency and reduce our use cost.

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