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How to Use Diamond Saw Blades higher and Prolong Their Service Life

If you'll be able to use your diamond saw blades higher, so prolong the service life, you may not solely cut back the your prices, however conjointly let the resources be used absolutely. Below square measure three aspects you'll be able to listen once victimization your diamond blades.

1) Line Speed of Saw Blades: the road speed of diamond saw blades is proscribed by instrumentality conditions and therefore the quality of saw blades. additionally, to urge the simplest service life and cutting potency, you ought to conjointly take into account the various natures of the various stones to be sawed once selecting the road speed. In granite sawing, the road speed will unremarkably be set among the vary of 25m-35m/s. For the granite of high-content of quartz and thus troublesome for sawing, the lower limit of the road speed vary is acceptable. within the production of granite tiles, because the smaller diameter of diamond saw blades square measure used, the road speed will reach 35m/s.

2) Cutting Depth: Cutting depth is a very important parameter regarding the wear and tear of diamond, effectively cutting, the pressure state of affairs of saw blades, and therefore the nature of the stone to be sawed. In general, once a high line speed is chosen, you ought to select alittle cutting depth. By current technologies, cutting depth will unremarkably be chosen between 1mm-10mm. once large-diameter saw blades square measure adopted to saw the raw materials of granite, cutting depth are often controlled among 1mm-2mm, and at a similar time the feed speed ought to be reduced.

When the road speed is low, typically an enormous cutting depth ought to be chosen to enhance the cutting potency, however the cutting depth should be allowable by the performance of the machine and therefore the strength of saw blades. Moreover, once there square measure needs for the granite surface, alittle cutting depth ought to be used.

3) Feed Speed: Feed speed here suggests that the speed of feed of the stone to be sawed. It impacts cutting potency, the pressure on blade, still because the cooling of the cutting space. Its price ought to be chosen in keeping with the character of the stone to be sawed. In general, once sawing soft stone reminiscent of marble, you'll be able to increase the cutting depth and reduce the feed speed. this may improve the cutting potency. once cutting a form of granite that is of spectrum line and is comparatively undiversified, the user will suitably increase the feed speed. If the feed speed is simply too low, the innovative of diamonds are simply removed. However, once cutting another quite granite that is of coarse-grained structure and uneven hardness, you ought to decrease the feed speed, otherwise the saw blade can vibrate, and this may result in the fragmentation of diamonds, and therefore the cutting potency can then be attenuate. The feed speed for cutting granite is often chosen within the vary of 9m-12m/min.

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