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Selection and application of high performance phenolic resin for abrasive cutting disc manufacturing(5)

5. Phenolic resin and filler

As the cutting and grinding performance of the abrasive cutting disc is continuously improved, the variety and usage of the filler used in the abrasive cutting disc are rapidly increasing. There are often problems with peers consulting fillers. Now it is easy to sort out and hope to give guidance to abrasive cutting disc manufacturers.

1) The role of the filler in the abrasive cutting disc: The phenolic resin exhibits brittleness after curing, only moderate strength, and no excellent heat resistance. The powdered filler particles act as a "bridge" in the structure of the grinding wheel, thereby improving the strength, heat resistance, toughness and impact resistance of the grinding wheel.

2) The role of cryolite in abrasive cutting disc: cryolite is used as filler, which is more effective than other inert fillers such as iron oxide, barite and feldspar powder. The high temperature during grinding of the grinding wheel melts the cryolite, which makes the grinding layer of the grinding wheel looser, thereby improving the grinding efficiency of the grinding wheel. In addition, the melted cryolite is like a layer of lubricant, which improves the self-sharpness of the resin wheel.

Cryolite is an active filler.

3) Common active fillers and their effects on the performance of resin wheels

In the last two years, many active fillers have been used in abrasive cutting discs. These fillers mostly affect the performance of the resin when it is hardened, and sometimes it has a large influence.

Therefore, when choosing to use these fillers, it is necessary to choose a reasonable choice of resin to offset the effect of the active filler on the resin.

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