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Selection of diameter of cemented carbide

The diameter of the saw blade is related to the cutting equipment used and the thickness of the sawing workpiece. The saw blade diameter is small, the cutting speed is relatively low, the saw blade diameter is big to the saw blade and the sawing equipment request to be high, simultaneously saw the cutting efficiency is also high. The outer diameter of the saw blade is based on the different circular saw machine model to choose the diameter of the saw blade.

The diameter of standard parts are: 110MM (4 inches), 150MM (6 inches), 180MM (7 inches), 200MM (8 inch), 230MM (9 inch), 250MM (10 inch), 300MM (12 inch), 350MM (14 inch), 400MM (16 inch), 450MM (18 inch), 500MM (20 inch), and so on, the precision cutting plate saw the bottom groove saw blade more design for 120MM.

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