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Small knowledge - abrasive cutting wheel classification

Abrasive cutting wheel is the most important type of grinding tool in grinding. The abrasive cutting wheel piece is a porous body which is prepared by adding a binder to an abrasive, and compacting, drying and baking. Due to the different abrasives, binders and manufacturing processes, the characteristics of the abrasive cutting wheel vary greatly, which has an important influence on the processing quality, productivity and economy of the grinding. The characteristics of the abrasive cutting wheel are mainly determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, structure, shape and size.

According to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) abrasive cutting wheel and natural abrasive super-hard abrasive and (diamond and cubic wheel boron nitride, etc.) abrasive cutting wheel;

According to the shape, it can be divided into a flat abrasive cutting wheel, a beveling abrasive cutting wheel, a cylindrical abrasive cutting wheel, a cup-shaped abrasive cutting wheel, a dish-shaped abrasive cutting wheel, etc.according to the bonding agent, it can be divided into a ceramic abrasive cutting wheel, a resin abrasive cutting wheel, a rubber abrasive cutting wheel, a metal abrasive cutting wheel and the like. The characteristic parameters of the abrasive cutting wheel mainly include abrasive, viscosity, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size.

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