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The use of cemented carbide films and maintenance attention is as follows:

1. Carbide saw blade milling cutter with the overall carbide refined, with sharp and sensitive edge, so in the saw blade movement, installation and disassembly process, must be careful to protect the alloy head from damage. 1. The alloy head of the carbide circular saw blade has a sharp and sensitive edge, so the alloy head must be carefully protected from damage during the movement, installation and disassembly of the saw blade.

2. Periodically check the radial runout (±0.02mm) of the spindle of the machine, as well as the swing amplitude (±0.01mm).

3. The debris on the spindle and flange must be removed before the saw blade is installed. The flange surface should be flat, clean and perpendicular to the shaft intersection.

4. The use of the largest flange can make the operation of the saw blade more stable, the flange size to be consistent, the flange size of the saw blade diameter 1/3 sawing effect is better.

5. The saw blade should be idling for 30 seconds after the installation is smooth, then start the cutting work after determining all normal.

6. When the saw blade is installed, the flange nut must be elastic and moderate, the loose saw blade will slip when rotating the cutting, and the saw blade will have internal injury or deformation influence the cutting effect.

7. Saw blade before cutting operator must take good protective supplies (protective glasses, dust masks, safety helmets, protective gloves) and check the sawing machine protective cover is intact.

8. It is necessary to remove regularly the resins and debris gathered on the sides of the sawtooth and saw plates, as the adhesion accumulates, increasing resistance, resulting in high energy consumption (in extreme cases, the burning of machine motors) and rough cutting quality. If the blade is blunt at the same time, it is possible to cause sawtooth damage.

9. Cleaning should avoid the use of corrosive solvents, saw blade for a long time when not used, should be cleaned edge grinding, polish for anti-rust treatment, placed in the original carton and then properly placed.

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